1. Skepticalness
    As in, "they are vulnerable because of their skepticalness toward the murderer"
  2. Mysteric
    Basically another word for mysterious. As in "The film had mysteric themes" rather than "themes of mystery". Kind of like "suspenseful themes" rather than "themes of suspense"
  3. Heroistic
    Same as mysteric, but with heroic (or hero-type qualities). See above
  4. Smarticle
    Just for fun.
  5. Fetch
    To carry on the legacy of Gretchen Wieners
  6. Compostable
    Cause we need another word for this
  7. Racistly
    She racistly asked her to make spring roles.
  8. Strippery
    Her name is very strippery
  9. Funner
    Why isn't this a word yet?
  10. Recentest
    Like most recent. As in "my recentest Instagram post"
  11. Vividest
    The most vivid