Best films and otherwise of the year. I'm doing this because Letterboxd is dumb and won't let me stretch the definition of film until it has lost its meaning.
  1. Blackhat
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  2. Steven Universe: "Alone Together"
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  3. The Duke of Burgundy
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  4. The Look of Silence
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  5. The Visit
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  6. Experimenter
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  7. The Beginner's Guide
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  8. Entertainment
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  9. Queen of Earth
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  10. Magic Mike XXL
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  11. Mad Max: Fury Road
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  12. Steven Universe: "Rose's Scabbard"
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  13. Pasolini
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  14. Hannibal: "Primavera"
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  15. The Invitation
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  16. Appropriate Behavior
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  17. It Follows
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  18. Crimson Peak
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  19. World of Tomorrow
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