1. Achieving goals is hard. Finding your career path requires a lot of work and determination and many, many years of it. Stick with it.
  2. With the above: "Sticking with it" means that you've got to put yourself and your passion out into the world. You have to struggle for what you want, but you also have to take a chance on yourself. YOU WILL NOT GET TO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO IF YOU DO NOT GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT.
  3. You are allowed to be yourself. You are doing the world a favor by being yourself. You are not absolved of being yourself. Be unapologetically who you are. That's important and essential.
  4. Strive for "a heart with wide-open windows" ... Especially in future endeavors.
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  5. It's okay to lose connections with friends. It's probably a good thing to be consistently growing and changing and seeking out new relationships. The good ones stay around, and it's worth it to hold onto them.
  6. Always be kind. More importantly, always be gracious. (Take this to heart!) Love the people in your life for the things they have given you and for how you have learned together. Always only say wonderful things about them publicly.
  7. Accept help.
  8. You will have many relationships in your life and you will learn and grow through all of them. Trust yourself to know when to stay and when to go and be someone who loves in good times and bad.
  9. Be honest about yourself. Own up to your faults and flaws, and absorb them into yourself. It is in our flaws that we become more relatable to others and more real to ourselves.
  10. Always be aware and humbled (and take notes!) when you find yourself in the presence of greatness. (Seth to Amy, etc.)
  11. It's tough to be a woman in a world/industry of men, but do not keep that from going after the things that you want.
  12. "No" is not the beginning of a negotiation. "No" is when the conversation stops. (For when you are saying no, and vice versa.)
  13. Be kind. Be wonderfully, generously, overwhelmingly kind. Let it seep out of your pores and envelop yourself and everyone around you.
  14. (And... Well. Amy is the ultimate boss + funnyperson.)