Images and mumblings relating to Morality and Love I guess. But what else is there?
  1. Static
    This used to be my cat. Then I accidentally broke up with my gf. She's getting ready for pride- just put on her tuxedo and bow-tie. Most passive aggressive cat I've met. I loved her.
  2. Static
    This is me pretending to be a stripper. Probably my next career, I am clearly nailing it.
  3. Static
    My cacti! Some of the only plants/beings I can keep alive (hopefully) . The starfish (fake) is a memento from a lovely friend's wedding in Cabo
  4. Static
    This is a pic of my ex's shirt which I thought was really cool. I tried to get a photo sans shirt but she wasn't into it. She did show me the side of her bra tho which was really pretty :)
  5. Static
    Mmm delicious pomegranate sherbet. I missed the gelato which is really top of the line, but not harming animals is more important, and this was really very lovely as well.