100% real
  1. We had a reservation for the Texas cannabis society
  2. We LOST the reservation for the Texas cannabis society because they called and told us they just "weren't organized"
  3. A server who I talked to a lot was fired and 1 day later turned himself in for aggravated robbery of a Valero
    I'm not kidding
  4. I got a $1 tip on a table that spent $80 and I gave great service to
    They even said I was good themselves ???
  5. The front door is a Pokemon gym
    And I plan to win it over some day...
  6. There was almost a fire
    When u try to cook 100 steaks on the same grill at the same time it makes everything very very smokey
  7. I got a nice note
  8. I got a not so nice note
  9. One of my customers told me he "didn't have a pen so I signed with a knife" and I thought he was kidding until I walked over and found this