Rude / snobby things that people have said to me that I regret not responding to more aggressively

I love rude people
  1. "Are you new here?"
    A question that someone asked me sophomore year after being at Alamo heights for 8 yrs
  2. "Wow he is so rude, isn't he?"
    A question a mom asked her mom friend after I had accidentally cut a queue due to my lack of knowledge of where the line began
  3. "You know you don't HAVE to go to UT just because your mom did..."
    ...Excuse me??
  4. "You're just mediocre"
    Thanks mom
  5. "UT is sooo easy to get into"
    Um no it's not and I know for a fact that the specific person who said this wouldn't have gotten in
  6. "The south side of San Antonio is ghetto, you might get shot"
    Excuse me but I half live on the south side and I can verify that the south side is more genuine and culturally apt than Alamo Heights ever will be
  7. "This is a sketchy area of town I hope my BMW doesn't get broken into, my golf clubs are in the trunk"
    Do you hear yourself?
  8. "Why don't you take the picture, you have the best camera"
    Ok so I won't be in it? Perfect.