Reasons I Love International Football Tournaments (a la the Euros)

  1. The jerseys/kits: always exciting to see the fresh style update each nation has given its superstars
  2. National pride: something about players standing side-by-side singing the anthem of their homeland before the match takes me back to a time when things were simpler. These guys (ostensibly) love their country, and there's something pure and righteous about standing with one's brethren and going out into the fray.
  3. The fans: occasional bouts of violence notwithstanding, football fandom is amazing, especially when channeled towards national squads. The coordinated cheers and songs of these fans are unparalleled in their grandiosity and induction of goosebumps
  4. Everything else stops. Sure, work goes on, etc, etc, but there is some gripping and romantic notion of the entire globe putting their respective lives on hold at the same time to take in the action. If anything, more countries should embrace the beauty of this global event and schedule official holidays