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  1. Monday
    Everything is too early and I hate everybody.
  2. Tuesday
    Creativity is officially flowing, and the weekend is only 4 days away.
  3. Wednesday
    Efficiency day. It's make or break time. It's time to push yourself. Good day and you're set for the week, bad day and this feels like Monday 2.0
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  1. 😂
    I laugh a lot. Like too much. Rarely do tears come out, but with the lack of salt water comes the belly laughs.
  2. 🔥
    Because everything in life is lit.
  3. 💯
    Used in conjunction with the above flames. Generally when things are perf.
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In some respects my life has been harder than others, but in others, not nearly as hard as some. This is a list of a few songs that got me through hard and troubled times. Both as a kid and as an adult, music gives you something deeper than meaning and understanding.
  1. "Shelter from the Storm" - Bob Dylan
    I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form, come in she said, I'll give you Shelter from the Storm.
  2. "Somebody to Love" - Queen
    Can anybody fine me, Somebody to Love?
  3. "You Got a Friend in Me" - Randy Newman
    Some other folks might be a little bit smarter than I am, bigger and stronger too, maybe. But none of them will ever love you the way I do, it's me and you, boy.
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Stop throwing prawns on the bloody BBQ and take some time to read this true blue Aussie survival guide.
  1. Cork hats
    Grab a fair dinkum Akubra, chuck a few corks on the end. Bob's your uncle.
  2. Insect repellant
    Not some bloody small Aerogard can, we're talking 1L bushman spray to keep Hades himself at bay.
  3. Sunscreen
    SPF1000 should do the trick.
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Who says I can't use li.st for groceries?
  1. Beer
  2. Malk
    The one with Vitamin R
  3. Steak
    Money's too tight for steak
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