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  1. Created an OC with her new color pencil's
  2. Best us of day old stale pepperoni pizza: portrait of Prez elect.
  3. Do you want to build a snowman
  1. Look close to see the happy kitty.
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  1. Her universal discovery of computer frustration.
    My universal frustration of getting my phone back with 18% memory left.
  2. Award for the most creative use of AT&T's U-Verse screen saver as a photo background.
  3. Candy Airheads moments before being devoured.
  4. Her new obsession.
Following sites have cool gifts and money goes to helping their cause.
  1. grow it yourself Basil. kids microscope inexpensive, enough Downtown Abby to choke Lady Mary's Horse. Sherlock Holmes bobble heads perfect for the cumberbitch in your life.
  2. Loving the = sign earrings. $15. Close to letting my daughter get her ears pierced just so she can wear these.
  3. check out list of top rated charities and their partnership with Amazon.com click on link, purchase and % of proceeds go to charity
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  1. Performed by a trump anime figure
  1. My beautiful Bernie's. Voting for Hillary isn't going to stunt the progress you have made. A Trump presidency will.
  2. Don't be fooled, a non Clinton vote or a no show is a vote for Trump
  3. Just ask Nader voters. Instead of Bill Clinton's surplus going toward a war against Global Warming with Al Gore we got Dick Cheney, I mean George Bush's War on terror. Why, because good intentioned American's ignored the conventional wisdom of the election in favor of their convictions by voting for Nader.
    To young to know the heartache. Google election 2000.
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  1. Friend: My daughter has unfriended my other Frenemy Minecraft.
    Hasta La Vista Steve
    Return of Mr Hyde AKA "Helicopter Mom"
  3. Friend: She actually went outside without me telling her to.
    Shock me happy
  4. Enemy: Her inherited IPhone 4s doesn't work as well as my IPhone.
    Pouring one out for my iPhonie. It's been a long day without you, my friend And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again. 😪