1. 10/24/15: "It's always good when you have clean boobs" -Lauren Strauss (regarding Ted's foundation rubbing off on her blouse)
  2. 10/26/15: "I still haven't started the motherfucking Bible yet Annie, JESUS!" -me (regarding my Perspectives homework)
  3. 10/26/15: "No two poops are ever the same" -Annie Roberts (she had to poop)
  4. 11/8/15: "Walt Disney that rat bastard..." -Maisie Laud (regarding Cassandra's reactions in Vanya's monologue)
  5. 11/18/15: "We're dating!" "Yeah but it's not stressful; I don't have to kiss you" -Kate Pensabene and MK Curley (regarding MK's standing with army Ryan)
  6. 12/3/15: "I wonder often if plastic is gluten-free" -Casey Murtagh
  7. 12/4/15: "I'm sorry that's not funny, that's prostitution." -Ellie Warner-Rousseau
  8. 7/20/16: "'I hope cats runs forever' guess who" "IT'S NOT ME" -dan & me & rick
  9. 8/2/16: "Jessie, everything you wear is a sweatshirt" -Dad
  10. 8/13/16: "I don't like hurting my butthole for an hour" -Sara