Living alone provided a wonderful opportunity to do all the magnificent things that were unavailable while living with roommates (100% control over streaming TV, for example). But living alone has also provided some unexpected challenges and, dare I say, things that are just now not possible.
  1. Finish any quantity of milk ever
    This could be a pint, it could be a gallon; regardless of the quantity, I will never be able to finish it by myself and will end up pouring it down the sink to make way for my newly bought container of milk.
  2. Not have a freezer full of bananas
    Similar to the milk epidemic, but instead of pitching the quickly rotting bananas I throw them into the fridge with future hopes of using them for banana bread. Exactly who would eat the banana bread is yet to be determined.
  3. Get a full load into the dishwasher
    A few problems here: 1) I simply don't own enough dishes to get this to happen, 2) I'm not patient enough for me to use the amount of dishes that would load up a dishwasher, and 3) I'm much more content to use it as a drying rack for my dishes (as crushingly depressing as it is it actually works well)
  4. Make any reasonable amount of food ever
    What seems like a reasonable meal for one quickly turns into three tupperwares of leftovers and a crippling fear that they won't "keep"
  5. Commit to plans
    So much easier to sink into my IKEA couch with one of the 24 beers in my fridge and be sucked into Netflix (sidenote: also unable to purchase a reasonable amount of liquids for one person)