After getting lost and showing up ten minutes late cursing google maps and the theory of roads in general.
  1. "Bees"
    Just so many bees
  2. "A puppy!!!"
    Observed during down dog
  3. "Being upside down is not great for this hangover"
    Also observed during down dog
  4. "Did that girl get stung by a bee!?"
    She did not
  5. "I wonder if I can get away without paying..."
    I could not
  6. "Go fuck yourself"
    Aimed at the instructor during half pigeon when she suggested to stop "fidgeting"
  7. "Did I just fall asleep?"
    Question raised also during half pigeon
  8. "I wonder where that puppy went..."
    Again during down dog upon realizing the earlier observed puppy had disappeared
  9. "I can't wait for my nap later"
    During shivasna