Was gonna include pics but then the lingering guy saw me trying to take a pic of him and things got awk
  1. Girl talking on phone in different language
    Language is unclear, possibly polish? Probably talking to relatives maybe her mom
  2. Guy in sweatpants and t shirt who is lingering
    I do not know if he is actually on this flight but he has been standing near the gate swaying back and forth for a while
  3. Guy who started talking to lingering guy
    Too far away to hear the topic of conversation
  4. Guy eating bagel
    Bagel looks rly good and I am salty bc McDonald's put ingredients on my burger that I didn't want so bc of that bagel looks even better
  5. Pilot
    Very cheerful and making small talk with those around him. Love the enthusiasm
  6. Guy in suit
    Must be coming from an important business meeting
  7. Couple in shorts
    Most likely on a layover from some warm place. Or maybe lost a bet but probably not, they do not seem like the betting type