Thanks @housmanlyndsey for the list request! Gotta give my followers what they want!
  1. Long division is necessary sometimes which is a method of solving a math problem that should be extinct by the year 2015
    Calculators, man
  2. Very inaccurately sizing random industries is not a transferable skill
  3. They make me say things like "I think we need to increase our penetration in the elderly customer segment"
  4. They have given me unrealistic expectations that I will run into the CEO of the company I work for in the elevator
    Has that ever actually happened to anybody? Private elevators do exist
  5. They have consumed a large enough portion of my life that I now accept the word case as a verb
    Case is not a verb it is a noun
  6. When you do too many cases you start to think about real life things the way you think about a case which leads to losing friends
  7. Doing cases means hanging out with @housmanlyndsey and she sucks
    Jk <3
  8. They can't last forever
    My case days will sadly be over after tomorrow but how lucky am I to have found something that makes saying goodbye so hard?