What I Wanted to Be Growing Up, Chronologically

I had super high aspirations in life.
  1. Sprinkle distributor at Dunkin Donuts- because we all know the sprinkles are the best part
  2. Ticket puncher on the LIRR- free rides to/from NYC duh
  3. Professional ball girl for the Knicks- yes I know they suck but I can't help who my dad made me be a fan of
  4. Professional bat girl for the Yankees- don't think they actually allow females do this job so clearly I wanted to be a trailblazer
  5. Professional TV watcher- best job ever. Not sure it's a real one though
  6. Movie critic- this girl gots opinions so why not get paid to write them down?! #amiright
  7. Psychiatrist- med school was a wish for a while... Until I failed organic chemistry in college so that went out the window
  8. Physical therapist- tried this for a hot sec, realized it wasn't for me.
  9. Occupational therapist- best job in the world!