17 Things I Want to See Before I Die (in the World, the News, My Life, Etc)

I want to see:
  1. The Northern Lights
  2. Penguins in Chile
  3. The Grand Canyon from a raft
  4. The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu
  5. Stonehenge
  6. Cuba
  7. The United States, coast-to-coast, by train
  8. Something, anything, from a helicopter
  9. My wife's face at the birth of our first child
  10. My own fluency in Spanish
  11. The finish line of a half-marathon I've completed
  12. A pilot's license with my name on it
  13. A garden (vegetable, fruit, spice) in my backyard, regularly used in my family's home cooking
  14. My daughter on her wedding day
  15. Holiday dinners with my entire family (immediate, wife's immediate, etc).
  16. The best of myself/wife come out in my children
  17. Weekend traditions with my family