Here's some stuff that opened the doors for you to other stuff and basically just blew your mind.
  1. Music: Elliott Smith
    I came to hear him, like many people, through Good Will Hunting. I saw it once and liked the flick, but went back to see it a second time to hear 'Miss Misery' again. I also missed the credits with Elliott's name the first time because my friends just wanted to leave.
  2. Film: Magnolia
    I saw it with a high school girlfriend while I was in high school and she was back on winter break from college. She hated it. I felt euphoric for days and tried to get anyone to understand how amazing it was. I didn't live somewhere where people think this type of film is amazing. And prior to this film P.T.A.'s BoogieNights was just something I taped off of cable and masturbated to.
  3. Book: The Braindead Megaphone
    George Saunders was already my favorite author. But the final essay makes me cry every time I read it and I just want to include it in a manual for life given to everyone when their born.
  4. Philosophy: Alan Watts
    When I lived in Florida public radio used to play 1/2 hour chunks of his lectures on eastern philosophy and I simply couldn't get enough. I was gifted a "box set" of his recordings once and it is still one of the best gifts I have ever received.