Inspired by many. I thought hard about this list and was honest. It ultimately made me feel sad.
  1. Roger Greenberg from Greenberg
    Drifting, and because of my age it's no longer cute. Too self-involved to see real truths about life and those in the journey with me.
  2. Faye from Chungking Express
    Romantic AF. She goes for it like she doesn't care, but when caught has some shame. She just seems to make the most of her situation in life and gets out there and fucking lives it.
  3. Royal Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums
    A pathetic son of a bitch. Boxed himself into a corner from past mistakes and doesn't know how to get out of it. He means well but he ends up fucking up even more. Dies with those around him having mixed feelings about the person they're burying.