I love this show for so many reasons. But this list isn't about the show itself, it's about the people who don't watch it, and what it says about their attitudes towards something that is "girly"
  1. I absolutely cannot stand the general male attitude towards The Mindy Project
    No, this does not apply to all men (#notallmen lol), but to a lot of guys.
  2. Even guys who would call themselves feminists completely write it off as something that they wouldn't watch.
  3. Without ever giving it a chance, they deem it unworthy.
  4. Like it's somehow beneath them because it's "girly"
    This sad sentence really sums up sexism in the US.
  5. And, of course, these guys usually watch and love The Office
    Because The Office is amazing. Why wouldn't they?!
  6. But when I point this out,
    "But Mindy was a writer on The Office. She probably wrote some of your favorite episodes."
  7. They say "Yeah, but, I don't know, her show just doesn't really seem like my type of thing."
  8. "It's not for me"
    How would you possibly know?!
  9. Can you please tell me this after you've actually watched it.
  10. Instead of sitting here, pretending like you're making this judgement based on any sort of legitimate reason.
  11. This really grinds my gears, because it is just one of many examples of things that a lot of men (and women) downplay because of a "girly" quality. This somehow makes it less artistic, weak, not to be taken seriously, etc.
  12. For the record, I have also been totally guilty of looking down at "girly" things, but I'm trying really, really hard to understand why and to change it.
  13. Ok. End rant.
  14. @mindy Thank you for being a huge part of my all-time favorite show, for branching off and making another one of my favorite shows, and for writing two bomb ass, inspiring books. You do a lot of awesome and beautiful things, and I can't wait to continue to hear what you have to say.