Some of my top choices for who I want to dance all night with.
  1. Mr. Bean
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    Imagine how amazing this would be. By far the best choice.
  2. Michael Scott
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    My dream in life, really.
  3. My mama, @mamonides
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    She gives NO shits what she looks like and has the world's biggest smile on her face the whole time ❤️
  4. My sister, @Mashette
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    Look at that piece of SASS.
  5. @AbbiJacobson and Ilana Glazer
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    Just a blast.
  6. Two girls named Molly and Cat
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    We choreographed together, and I love them with all my heart. Here we are, dancing in some mud.
  7. John Cleese
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    Ministry of Silly Walks-themed dancing.
  8. Drake
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    Hotline Bling looked like such a great time.