Some of my top choices for who I want to dance all night with.
  1. Mr. Bean
    Imagine how amazing this would be. By far the best choice.
  2. Michael Scott
    My dream in life, really.
  3. My mama, @mamonides
    She gives NO shits what she looks like and has the world's biggest smile on her face the whole time ❤️
  4. My sister, @Mashette
    Look at that piece of SASS.
  5. @AbbiJacobson and Ilana Glazer
    Just a blast.
  6. Two girls named Molly and Cat
    We choreographed together, and I love them with all my heart. Here we are, dancing in some mud.
  7. John Cleese
    Ministry of Silly Walks-themed dancing.
  8. Drake
    Hotline Bling looked like such a great time.