Working on not saying the S word so much. [Inspired by Jennifer Lawrence's essay in @Lenny @lenadunham]
  1. Almost getting run over by a car while biking (when it was my right of way).
  2. Being interrupted.
  3. Stating my opinion during a class discussion.
  4. Walking into a quiet room.
  5. Talking too much during a therapy session.
  6. Sneezing
    Suggested by @SharinaWunders
  7. Bumping into a mannequin
    Which, by the way, did not fall over. And no one saw. So really, I was apologizing to the mannequin?!
    Suggested by @abbyw24
  8. Getting my foot stepped on
    Suggested by @abbyw24
  9. Not having an orgasm.
    Suggested by @soletshangout