1. My bat mitzvah
    How did I memorize all of that at age 13? And sing (I'm completely tone deaf) alone, in front of a large amount of people. No. Never again.
  2. Put together an 'assemble yourself' dresser from IKEA
    It took me 7 hours, by myself. I cried twice. This is one of my least favorite memories.
  3. The time I had simultaneous diarrhea and vomiting.
    This is, (not) surprisingly, one of my favorite stories.
  4. ☝experience Norovirus
    Worst week of my life! I prayed for death and got tired of saltines, pedialite, and the BRAT diet
    Suggested by @kate81
  5. Be in middle school.
    Suggested by @abbyw24
  6. Renfrew.
    If you have to ask, that's a good thing. For you. Seriously.
    Suggested by @abbyw24
  7. Douse my hair in olive oil every night in an attempt to grow it out and rarely shampoo it. Middle school was a terrible, terrible, greasy time.
    Suggested by @GargiBera