AKA things that will elicit that noise that's exactly between an "mmm" and a small, satisfied sigh. Paired with a content smile on my face. Basically this: 😊
  1. The site of my dog running towards me with a ginormous smile and his tongue flailing about (RIP baby boy).
  2. Actually, just the site of any dog at all.
    Better than people.
  3. Eating a delicious, melty dessert and getting chocolate/ice cream/etc all over my face and hands.
  4. Watching whale YouTube videos.
    They are so beautiful, it takes my breath away. Obviously seeing a whale in person beats this, but I have only seen them in the ocean once. So this is more realistic.
  5. Crawling into bed at the end of a long day, getting The Office ready to go, and pressing play.
  6. Waking up late on a weekend and not getting out of bed until I feel like it.
    Optional: Add in a TV show, movie, or book here, too. Whatever my current obsession is.
  7. Watching a balloon disappear into the sky.
    So captivating and calming, I can never look away. Simultaneously makes me nostalgic and think of Up.
  8. Staying up late and talking all night about anything and everything with @Mashette.
    Nothing better than a sisterbestfriend.
  9. When my current favorite song comes on and I have the space to bust a move.
    In that sweet spot before I have replayed it too many times, but enough to know all the words perfectly.