His name is Simon Maimonides Schuster. Also known as Simey, Schustey, Shoe, and the love of my life.
  1. We adopted him when he was somewhere around 8. He's around 17 now.
  2. He was already named Simon, so we kept it, but expanded it to Simon Maimonides Schuster, like the publishing company.
    Maimonides was from my mom, who wanted to name @syrkinnikolau that, but my dad obviously vetoed it. So that became Simon's middle name.
  3. He was likely abused by a few previous owners.
  4. When we first got him, he was scared of brooms and wall sockets. He also had seizures several times a month.
  5. As he adjusted to his new home, all of that went away. He became an invincible dog, surviving too many trips to the vet, including several chocolate emergencies and being run over by a car (he's only 15 lbs)). I was pretty convinced he was immortal for awhile.
    I know this makes it seem like we are terrible dog owners, but he was so mischievous, we couldn't prevent it. He got into EVERYTHING. There were almost no places in our house where we could put food that he wouldn't find.
  6. He had the strangest personality in the world, which made him a perfect fit for our family.
  7. We were all obsessed with him. He even had a Facebook. When I went away to college, he would write on my wall and tell me to come back and give him more treats.
  8. I had wanted a dog since I was 3. I remember wishing for a one at every birthday, eyelash, or wishbone. I finally got him at age 14, and I really couldn't have had a better one.
  9. Here are some of my favorite pictures of him. I have a million, so I tried to narrow it down.
  10. Chillin'
  11. A casual smile
  12. A not so casual smile. Loving my kisses
  13. A very suave smile
  14. You talkin' to me?
  15. Snuggly bunny
  16. Happy pup
  17. Absolutely obsessed with running water
  18. So. Glorious.
  19. Happy as can be
  20. Santa baby
  21. Little reindeer (we don't celebrate Christmas, but I think Simey did)
  22. Reading a card that my dad mailed to him (yes, it was addressed to Simon) while he was away for work.
  23. ❤️
  24. I'm not religious at all, but I am pretty confident he's going to dog heaven. Full of his favorite foods- carrots and chocolate.
  25. RIP Shoe. I love you forever. I'll miss you.