Stuck on character development? Here are some concepts. Based on people I know? I do not recall.
  1. Guy who says he can't remember the order of months of the year. Male, mid 20s.
    Then, when you ask him to name the months of the year, he says them out of order. There is no way to prove this is a real problem. He also has a complex about not finishing high school, but who cares about that when his real focus needs to be on either 1) learning the months of the year or 2) not lying about this specific, absurd problem.
  2. Guy who puts Vaseline on his entire face before leaving the house to protect himself from the elements. Male, mid 20s.
    @shantaroo has never introduced me to such a person. Any resemblance coincidental.
  3. Guy who wears a rope around his waist and always orders diet soda. Male, mid-late 50s.
    The rope seems like a belt but is just loosely worn, not serving a real purpose.
  4. Passionate kisser who just wants to be friends. Male, early 30s.
    Wears tight jeans/ v-neck tees and tells first date story about getting blown in a car by a man. Listed on OKC as straight. His handle is his real full name.
  5. Male boss in his late fifties with enormous frazzled grey unibrow.
    You can't not look at it. Bonus info: he is intimidated when confronted with a tampon in female employee's desk drawer.
  6. Berkeley-centric female boss in her 60s who expects employee to print out emails and Internet for her.
    Wears a lot of loose linens and mentions that her shirt was made in India. Sees resignations as "opportunities" for remaining employees to take on new work.
  7. Administrative lifer who starts internal calls to co-workers with "Hi, it's me." Female, mid-late 40s.
    Nobody answering a phone chooses to be in this intimate relationship with her.