I've lived here for 15 years. Got a guy or gal for just about everything.
  1. Skin Care - The Art of Aesthetics
    Nicole is knowledgeable and thorough. Be prepared for a 2 hour facial with high quality products. Gentle waxing services too.
  2. Massage - PF Dumanis
    My friend and former band mate. He does deep tissue. He knows his stuff and plays good music.
  3. Thai Massage - Suchada
    My favorite place for Thai Massage is Pho Siam in Los Angeles, but this is close enough.
  4. Yoga - Jason Crandell
    These days he has weekly classes at Yoga Tree. You can also find him online at Yogaglo.com.
  5. Acupuncture - SF Community Acupuncture
    I like the group chair setting. I feed off everyone else's relaxation, like how you get more work done in study hall or at the library.
  6. Hair - Dreamers and Make Believers
    I go to Sarah, who is good with short hair and color. She offers wine or whiskey when I arrive.
  7. Day Spa - imperial Spa
    A Korean Spa. Who doesn't want to sit in a clay sauna? You can't leave a Korean Spa in a bad mood.
  8. Rolfing - Marty Morales
    Have you tried Rolfing? Weird name but it's like a cross between massage and chiropractic. Works into the fascia for structural realignment.
  9. Chiropractic - Momentum Chiropractic
    Dr. Alexander Khanin. He is dedicated, gentle, and doesn't try to talk you into more visits than helpful.