1. Desperately Seeking Susan
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    My 9-year-old self wanted the fold over bejeweled boots very seriously. Also wanted to be cool enough to flip the hand dryer for dry armpits.
  2. Grease
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    I was once super bummed, stuck at a shitty hotel near the Denver airport after missing my connection. Then I turned on the TV and Grease was on and it was like a welcome home hug.
  3. Grease 2
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    I'll be yours in Winter, when the snow is on the ground. I'll warm you through December and I'll always be around. We'll kiss below the mistletoe when Santa Comes to town...[ fade into the serious song with star in hand ].
  4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
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    Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt dance crash a party. Also, what happened to the twins who looked like Janelle Monae?
  5. Better Off Dead
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    I want my $2.