1. Cynic Cave, The Mission - Intimate comedy in the basement of Lost Weekend Video/1234 Go Records.
  2. Viracocha, The Mission - Go here for secret underrated musical performances in a lovely, prohibition-like setting.
  3. The Backyard at Wildside West, Bernal Heights - Intimate garden setting with cool benches, statues and old bathtubs.
  4. Two Sisters, Hayes Valley - delicious cocktails and snacks. Also a free book trading library, ie, leave a book, take a book.
  5. The Lost Church, The Mission - plays and music in homey husband/wife owned venue.
  6. BFF.FM - A cool Internet radio station in The Mission, which can be enjoyed all day anywhere online.
  7. Rock Bar, Mission/Bernal - Good drinks, pool table, and jukebox by Aquarius Records. Go across the street to The Front Porch when you get hungry.
  8. Oddball Films, The Mission - huge archive of campy and educational films, regular BYOB screenings.
  9. Trouble Coffee - an outer sunset coffee shop where you can fill up on coffee or fresh coconut water before walking to Ocean Beach.