Some are British and some specifically Scottish.
  1. Assault Course
    Obstacle course.
  2. Death Slide
    Zip line.
  3. Star Jumps
    Jumping jacks.
  4. Trumpet
    Annoying guy, chump.
  5. Jumper (or Wooly Jumper)
  6. Pants
  7. Trousers
  8. Denimns
  9. Shoes
    Used to distinguish footwear that is not a sneaker.
  10. Boak
  11. Wee
    He never uses the word "little". And only uses "small" in terms of clothing size.
  12. Jobbie, Toley
    Alternative words for poop. He says the Scottish have as many words for shite as Eskimos have for snow, and these are a a couple key ones.
  13. Jobbie Jabber
    An immature way to refer to a gay man. See above.