1. God it's early
  2. My eyes hurt
  3. Holy shit I'm late!
  4. Get in Uber disheveled
  5. New waive of confidence
  6. Uber driver asks what time your flight is
  7. You reply "not for an hour, we have plenty of time"
  8. Get to the airport, walk in with head held high
  9. See an uncharacteristically long security line
  10. Stomach drop, panic kicks in
  11. You're going to miss your flight, your weekend is ruined, you will be stuck in the airport until the end of time
  12. Get in line, stop staring
  13. Move a few inches, a glimmer of hope emerges
  14. Look at the time, it'll be fine
  15. Omg no it won't! Never going to make it
  16. Shit, I do NOT want to have to ask everyone to cut
  18. It's cool, it's cool. Breathe
  19. Oh we got this for sure
  20. Wait a minute, that's not the front of the line?! It's all the way up there?!
  21. Why aren't people hurrying?! Why are people so stupid!!!!
  22. I don't even want to be on a plane with these people anyway
  23. Ah, it's fine. I'll make it. I've never missed a flight before
  24. WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT, you're fucked now.
  25. How many more minutes do I have until I'm going to have to sack up and cut the line
  26. Please no
  27. Suppress the anxiety
  28. Line moving, it's fine.
  29. Why do I do this to myself? I always think I only need 45 mins. Not true!
  30. I just hate being early, what a waste of time.
  31. Did that security screen really just list brass knuckles as a prohibited item?
  32. If that's not implied, then the list for the screen needs to be longer..
  33. Hand grenades, land mines, prison toothbrush shiivs, chains
  34. Who's in charge here
  35. We are moving, I'm going to make it!
  36. THANK GOD 🙌🏻
  37. I'm still going to have to run though.
  38. All for the free pretzels.