Said No One Ever...

  1. This DiGiorno's pizza is as good as delivery
  2. That's too much bacon
  3. Hey, nice Crocs
  4. I'm on Reddit for the intelligent and objective opinions
  5. Wow, this car in front of me is going below the speed limit and must really care about safety! That's so inspiring!
    Suggested by   @silentsophie
  6. Please give me the play by play of your dreams last night
  7. You should wear that turtleneck tonight
  8. Eeewww Chipotle, no thank you!
    Suggested by   @kate81
  9. Yeah I had a look at The List App but didn't really like it...
    Suggested by   @danibee
  10. I couldn't find anything I wanted at Target
  11. I'll just skip the Game of Thrones intro
  12. (Storm trooper) hey! I just hit someone!
    Suggested by   @chrisgill
  13. I see you admiring my striped vest
  14. Can I have a rum and Pepsi?
  15. Put your clothes back on Channing Tatum
  16. I'll just have one pringle
  17. This McDonald's burger tastes so fresh
    Suggested by   @ChristaBullock
  18. Larry is my favorite character on Orange is the New Black
    Suggested by   @ashepinnell
  19. I love Nickelback
  20. Let me Bing that
    Or Let me Yahoo that
  21. Man, I hate The Lord of the Rings trilogy
    Suggested by   @czerny
  22. I hope Jar-Jar Binks is in Episode VII
    Suggested by   @ebsquared
  23. Oooh don't just show me the highlight photos of your trip. I wanna see aaaalllll of them
    Suggested by   @sally_lee
  24. I went into teaching for the money
  25. No thanks, I have enough money.
    Suggested by   @AMR
  26. Oh, free fries? No, thank you.
    Suggested by   @aida
  27. That's a great spray tan
  28. Yes, please, I'd love some haggis
    Suggested by   @dave
  29. Please tell me about each ingredient in your salad. One by painful one.
    Suggested by   @heatherv
  30. These one day fantasy football commercials are great.
    Suggested by   @BrockShelley
  31. My favorite flavor of Lays is Gyro.
    Suggested by   @britt3090
  32. The DMV is my favorite government office
    Suggested by   @kates08
  33. Tell me more about your diet!
    Suggested by   @perry
  34. You know, I wish my gluten-free friends would talk more about their food choices.
    Suggested by   @marina_stojanovic
  35. I wish I had more gluten-free friends.
    Suggested by   @marina_stojanovic
  36. I actually haven't heard enough of your Crossfit stories!
    Suggested by   @estherlimtf
  37. Those running shoes actually look nice with your business suit.
    Suggested by   @BMcSweet
  38. I probably should have drank more last night.
    Suggested by   @BMcSweet
  39. Tell me more about how incredibly gifted your kids are!
    Suggested by   @DeniseYooGee
  40. I do my grocery shopping at Walmart because their produce is so fresh.
    Suggested by   @jamjar62
  41. I would love to use that porta potty, I am sure it is clean and smells great inside.
    Suggested by   @statman
  42. You look great in those pajama jeans.
    Suggested by   @marianne_april
  43. Of course I don't want to have mind blowing sex with you...
    Suggested by   @teardropivy
  44. Please send me your dick pic
    Suggested by   @teardropivy