In the absence of the boxed wine emoji here is the definitive list.
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    🙌🏼 | I routinely use this to support a statement I agree with. For examples the following statement: "I demand the boxed wine emoji!" would require a response using that emoji signifying PREACH.
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    👦🏽 | Simply put, if I were an emoji this would be me.
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    ✌🏼️| I mean how could I not?
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    👏🏽 | Often I find myself in situations where a point has to be made. Clapping enhances that point and denies the receiving end an opportunity to respond with any kind of sass. "I👏🏽own👏🏽you".
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    🌮 | Need.Food.Now, more than likely Taco Bell.
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    ✋🏽| Talk to the hand because I legitimately don't have the energy to face you.
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    🇺🇸 | If Ron Swanson ever bought a smart phone, this would be the only emoji he would use.
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    🍷 | Perhaps the best one, meaning: "Let's put ourselves in a situation where we regret how our credit card statements look the next day."