1. A Clockwork Orange
    One of many late night curiosities on Cinemax's mid 80s Vanguard Cinema series, circa 12 years old. I remember hearing my parents say that they had walked out of that movie, which only made me want to see it more.
  2. The Exorcist
    Mom's a fan of horror...apparently felt it was okay to show this one to me at around 10.
  3. Caddyshack
    Too iconic of an early 80's comedy to avoid when HBO was in the house...yeah, so not ok for children of kindergarten age.
  4. The ReAnimator
    Another late night cable discovery....is sexual gore appropriate at 11?
  5. 10
    Saw that Bo Derek beach clip in cable promos enough times to know I wanted to see this movie....but yeah, a bit heavy on the eroticism for younger eyes.
  6. Airplane
    I remember my parents were away at a parent/teacher conference when I watched this for the first time....despite bare boobs and loads of other child inappropriate humor for kids, I saw this many more times after that with the whole family.