1. Eye contact on the train or bus
  2. Not having wine or beer in the house
  3. Not having cheese in the house
  4. FaceTime requests
  5. Not having enough time for breakfast
  6. Getting a text out of the blue from my crush
  7. Not knowing if a tv show character is going to die
  8. Not knowing if my favorite couple on a tv show is going to make it
  9. Medium to big sized dogs
  10. Not having anything hanging over my head
  11. Clubs
  12. Bees, all bees
  13. Losing wifi, especially on the train
  14. Going out with people more adventurous than me
  15. Pooping in someone's house unless they're family
  16. Being home alone for more than an hour
  17. Not having a breath freshener of some kind on me
  18. Asking to borrow something
  19. Seeing someone after we made out the last time I saw them
  20. When I commit to doing something physically active
  21. When I read the symptoms of a disease I didn't know much abour
  22. When someone says they're going to their friends engagement party or wedding