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Spoilers from the greatest season on television, homeland security is probably monitoring this based on how many times I'm mentioning the word "Homeland"
  1. Claire Danes as Carrie
    Carrie Mathison has had the most problematic life I've ever seen onscreen. How does she survive knowing she's pregnant with a terrorist's kid while watching him die? Her bipolar disorder really helps the show in terms of shit really hitting the fan, and in this season she's in control. I love Claire Danes and I love her ugly crying even more, keep it up DRONE QUEEN.
  2. Better Call Saul
    Saul Berenson is the grandfather we all want to watch over us. His relationship with Carrie has never been at its worst/best... And that hug when he consoles Carrie, I really cried.
  3. Miranda Otto as Allison
    What a lunatic. Sleeping with Saul, trying to kill Carrie, smuggling millions, diverting the German police from a terrorist attack, all while working for the CIA. And shooting a bodyguard and herself, this women really loves her money that she hasn't even received yet!! That last shoot out where she eventually dies was NOT even close to satisfying.
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I live a very busy life.
  1. Woke up in agony having to drop my younger siblings/dweebs off at school
    At 8am
  2. Binge watched Netflix's Daredevil
    It's insane how much these guys mention Hell's Kitchen.
  3. Drank boba tea for the first time.
    This is what all the hype is about? What morons.
  4. Caught up on some Lenny Letter
    The most liberal newsletter known to man... At times it's too much, but necessary (hence the catching up I've had to do).
  1. 1.
    This is what my inner thoughts look like, always.
  2. 2.
    Star Wars anyone? This is major Anakin Skywalker territory. George Lucas would be proud? Who knows really, he hates The Force Awakens.
  3. 3.
    Woody and Mia's on screen relationship(s) really were interesting to watch (especially in Crimes and Misdemeanors), but we all know how twisted that ended up.
  4. 4.
    This list would not be complete without the inclusion of ANNIE HALL.. Look at these two... They grow up so fast :/
"Don't ever think that the world owes you anything. Because it doesn't."
  1. Jennifer Lawrence as Joy
    She truly is a timeless actor and her performance as Joy is no exception. Possibly my favorite performance of hers (other than Winter's Bone).
  2. Diane Ladd as Mimi
    Every time I saw her on screen I internally yelled to myself "Laura Dern's mom!" The way she looks at Joy is admirable and heartbreaking in every scene.
  3. Virginia Madsen as Terry
    It's strange that this is how I see my mother in the not so distant future. From the glasses to the detached personality.
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A picture is worth a thousand words (but not really).
  1. This picture makes me laugh uncontrollably and is how I feel on the inside at all times
  2. To great not to screenshot. Jemima Forever.
  3. The day Jennifer Lawrence made eye contact with me and had me melting emotionally
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Dream big, but not too big.
  1. 1.
    Hillary Clinton becomes POTUS
    There is no one else who should own the title of "first female president" and I am so eager to see Bill Clinton kick ass as our First Lady.
  2. 2.
    Gun Control
    At this point, it's insane to want anything else from the country that's responsible for 80% of deaths worldwide.
  3. 3.
    Leonardo DiCaprio wins his Oscar
    It's about damn time that The Academy honors America's greatest actor. If this is 2014's Wolf of Wall Street at the Oscars again this will be my exact reaction (once again) and there will be hell to pay. WHAT'S GOOD EDDIE REDMAYNE?!
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Now with pictures for your viewing experience
  1. 1.
    Met Hunger Games cast
    Jennifer Lawrence is mine forever, confirmed after she waved at me
  2. 2.
    Cried because Jimmy Fallon's daughter won at Halloween
    Margot Forever
  3. 3.
    Dressed up as a lame ghost
    Went trick or treating and "boo"d at little kids and was asked if I had gotten my flu shot
  4. 4.
    For the first time
Get ready to cry again America.
  1. 25
    Finally an album that will actually make me FEEL something... This complete trash playing on radio doesn't even deserve to be mentioned but it must to prove the point that 25 will fuck us all up for the rest of time.
  2. Hello
    A really great/sad song that I will sing from the top of my lungs while driving for like the next month until radio plays it out.. One of the best music videos I've ever seen (I have yet to see an Xavier Dolan film). It makes me really excited for fall (even though I live in the pits of hell a.k.a. Southern California).
  3. I-D Interview
    The interview she did with this mag is so great; it really shows how appreciative the world is of her music that makes me want cry for eternity.
  4. Amy Winehouse
    Nothing will fill the hole in my heart left after Amy's death, but in a way it feels like a part of her is a part of Adele... musically in a way, I'd say?
No lackluster Ashton Kutcher here
  1. Aaron Sorkin wrote the screenplay
    The screenplay is phenomenal it feels like your getting punched in the face by words
  2. Kate Winslet
    She's way more than Jobs' work wife and I'm really diggin those glasses
  3. Michael Fassbender
    He did so good I didn't want it to end!!! His best performance so far I think so yeah check it out
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These aren't in order of importance just watch all of them and you'll see how hard it is to put them in any type of order
  1. 1.
    Ben Stiller and Greta Gerwig (in her first Noah Baumbach film) takes place in LA and my heart
  2. 2.
    The One I Love
    Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass seek a getaway to help strengthen their marriage and some crazy shit happens... just watch guys
  3. 3.
    Jake Gyllenhaal running around LA with a camera and a very dangerous mindset. Rene Russo is a dream in this film. If you didn't watch this in theaters SHAME ON YOU
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