Dream big, but not too big.
  1. Hillary Clinton becomes POTUS
    There is no one else who should own the title of "first female president" and I am so eager to see Bill Clinton kick ass as our First Lady.
  2. Gun Control
    At this point, it's insane to want anything else from the country that's responsible for 80% of deaths worldwide.
  3. Leonardo DiCaprio wins his Oscar
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    It's about damn time that The Academy honors America's greatest actor. If this is 2014's Wolf of Wall Street at the Oscars again this will be my exact reaction (once again) and there will be hell to pay. WHAT'S GOOD EDDIE REDMAYNE?!
  4. I go to a Tonight Show taping
    I would hysterically cry while watching Fallon deliver his effortless monologue and pray to God that Jessica Chastain is the guest that night.
  5. I write my first screenplay
    Aaron Sorkin please help this poor boy who's in need of inspiration and run ons.