Spoilers from the greatest season on television, homeland security is probably monitoring this based on how many times I'm mentioning the word "Homeland"
  1. Claire Danes as Carrie
    Carrie Mathison has had the most problematic life I've ever seen onscreen. How does she survive knowing she's pregnant with a terrorist's kid while watching him die? Her bipolar disorder really helps the show in terms of shit really hitting the fan, and in this season she's in control. I love Claire Danes and I love her ugly crying even more, keep it up DRONE QUEEN.
  2. Better Call Saul
    Saul Berenson is the grandfather we all want to watch over us. His relationship with Carrie has never been at its worst/best... And that hug when he consoles Carrie, I really cried.
  3. Miranda Otto as Allison
    What a lunatic. Sleeping with Saul, trying to kill Carrie, smuggling millions, diverting the German police from a terrorist attack, all while working for the CIA. And shooting a bodyguard and herself, this women really loves her money that she hasn't even received yet!! That last shoot out where she eventually dies was NOT even close to satisfying.
  4. Quinn's death
    I did not expect the writers to really kill of another lover of Carrie's but it happened, and we all have to move on. Poor Carrie will never catch a break. RIP to the best man I've seen choke to near death from sarin gas.
  5. Berlin
    Looks nice