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yeah... I'm a pool player 😉 (building list)
  1. Triples Nines, Elkridge MD
  2. Champions, Frederick MD
  3. Michael's Billiards, Fairfield OH
because I love music, and these lyrics are dope
  1. ... "I gave you my heart, gave you my soul. Yeah, but baby, I was born to rock and now I gotta roll." ...
    (band: Highly Suspect, song: Wolf, album: The Boy Who Died Wolf, 2016)
  2. ... "My love, it lays, under the cornerstone, that the builder threw away." ...
    (band: Highly Suspect, song: Vanity, album: Mister Asylum, 2015)
  3. ... "So, figure it out, or don't figure it out. I figured it out. The bigger the river, the bigger the drought" ...
    (band: Highly Suspect, song: Hello My Name is Human, album: the Boy Who Died Wolf)
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love to travel... but also love coming home
  1. Australia - Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
  2. Bahamas - Nassau
  3. Costa Rica
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'cuz people with the coolest names are on this one tv show (building list)
  1. —-FEMALES—- (pronunciations in parentheses)
  2. A: Adrianna, Alaya, Alayah, Aleeah, Alexis, Alisha, Alyssa, Amber, Amy, Angel, Angela, Angelique, Angie, Anna, Anntraneace, April, Arrianna, Artameca, Ashawn, Ashawnti, Aubree, Aviana, Aziah (uh-zii-uh)
  3. B: Banesa, Belinda, Billie, Brandi, Brandy, Bria, Brittany, Brittney, Bryanna
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long live rock
  1. Keith Moon .. the Who
  2. Neil Peart .. RUSH
  3. Dave Grohl .. Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters
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Because I love music!. 💜💜💜.. And is that a Stratocaster on your hip? 😍
  1. Johnny Stevens .. Highly Suspect
  2. Rob Fetters .. the Raisins, Psychodots, the Bears, solo
  3. Pete Townshend .. the Who, solo
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