This is my first list...
  1. My dog has 3000 Instagram followers. I have 300.
    His selfie game is stronger. I get it.
  2. I love country music.
    People think it's weird. I think they're racially biased.
  3. I have 106 Playbills.
    Not sure what's more disturbing - the fact that I've seen all those shows or that I kept all those playbills.
  4. I hate taking photos by myself.
    I don't know. It just feels incredibly narcissistic. That, and, I'm not sure what to do with my hands when there's no one else next to me.
  5. I LOVE to read. But only articles, Wikipedia and Quora.
    I used to have a long attention span but now my ADD kicks in with full-blown books. I honestly don't read Quora that much. I threw that in cause @charlie is on here.
  6. I have self-diagnosed ADD.
    It's either that or the people and things around me are really boring.
  7. I'm horrible with direction.
    Before smartphones, I carried my Garmin around in my pocket.