Malcolm, Nathaniel & Mickey
  1. Mama noodle pack
    No explanation necessary
  2. Ear plugs
    For times when your roommate or dorm mates are not living up to their quiet academic reputation
  3. Breath mints
    For sweetening the your opening line with a cute classmate - "What's your major?"
  4. Condoms
    For some impactful moment after that cute classmate answers you
  5. Laundry soap
    Good luck with that
  6. Pack of pens
    Because we think these are still used in college
  7. STBKS instant coffee pack
    For those late nights studying
  8. Picture frame
    Something to remember your old family in Thailand by
  9. $5 Bill / £5 Note
    Because this will seem like a lot of dough at times
  10. List of comedies
    So you do not take your life too seriously
  11. RIS water bottle
    To stay hydrated with good memories