As an avid fan, teacher, & practitioner of the martial arts; I felt it necessary to share my top 5 Kung Fu selections currently on Netflix. I have seen almost all that Netflix has to offer around this genre & find myself watching these selections a lot! Please comment with your preferences & let me know which is your favorite! First List creation✔️
  1. The Legend of Drunken Master
    This movie is a remake starring Jackie Chan with masterful Kung Fu choreography as Jackie does best. Besides the multiple types of combat displayed, the story line is extremely engaging and no subtitles are needed!
  2. The Forbidden Kingdom
    Jackie Chan and Jet Li in one movie! Need I say more? This movie blends all variations of Chinese-American karate movies into one.
  3. Fist of Legend
    This movie has nonstop action! Within the first 20 minutes, Jet Li fights two entire karate schools!
  4. Ip Man
    Learn all about the savior of China! The Ip Man was a real martial artist and was the teacher of the one and only Bruce Lee! Not only will you want to be a better person, you will also fall in love with the action star Donnie Yen! This movie was so good, they had to make three more!
  5. Bloodsport
    This selection is open for debate. I used to watch this movie along with Mortal Kombat as a child everyday, so I definitely am biased. And I had the pleasure of meeting Donald Gibb! The story line and acting is not the best, but the fight scenes and music are worth a watch. Once "Enter the Dragon" makes it to Netflix I will be sure to make an adjustment.