What do your emoji's say about you🤔❓

Emoji's are a great way to add personality to a typed conversation. What are your most frequently used and/or most recently used emoji's and how do they describe you as an individual? Please see my 3 most recently used emoji's to get to know me. Share which emoji's describe you best as well!
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    The ice cream emoji. I have a major sweet tooth and only ice cream can satisfy this craving!
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    The bicep emoji. The only thing I enjoy more than ice cream is the gym! Nothing beats a flexed arm when you're messaging your gym buddies.
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    The LOL emoji. Not only do I consider myself to be hilarious, but I'm fortunate enough to have many uplifting and comical people around me. I can't even remember the last time I was in a bad mood.
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    Which emoji's describe you best? Please share your traits! Not only will others get to know you better, but you just may learn something more about yourself in the process. Thanks ✌🏼️