Why owning a restaurant really sucks

One year in and Why I'm exhausted besides the obvious reasons
  1. Servers are basically idiots
    I got a complaint from a man who was served beer on ice
  2. Customers and people in general expect something for nothing. I have to give $2 in chips and salsa away every time someone sits down.
  3. People only drink water....with Lemon. Who pays for that? Me!
  4. Food is expensive. Labor is expensive.
  5. People love to tell you the restaurant business is tough. Well duh.
  6. My feet hurt.
  7. My body hurts.
  8. The government. Taxes. Permits.
  9. Rent.
  10. People.
  11. My cook lost her "teeth" in the dish pit.
  12. People who order dressing or sauce on the side.
    Calories don't count if it's on the side? Hmmm
  13. Update: girl w lost dentures stole a check, wrote it to herself. Busted her. It sucks.