My Favorite Indie Bookstores

In honor of #IndependentBookstoreDay my favorite independent books (past and present)
  1. Black Oak Books, Berkeley (R.I.P.)
    I basically grew up here. It was a few blocks from my house. Favorite evening activity would be to take a walk there with my dad in the evening and see what new books were out.
  2. Cody's Books, Berkeley (R.I.P.)
    I still can't believe it's not around. A Berkeley institution.
  3. Moe’s Books, Berkeley
    Best bookstore for used books in the Bay Area.
  4. St. Marks Bookshop, New York (R.I.P.)
    Despite the rude service, was my go to bookstore in New York for years.
  5. McNally - Jackson Books, New York
  6. Dark Carnival Books, Berkeley
  7. 万圣书园 All Sages Books, Beijing
    Independent bookstore outside Qinghua University
  8. 唐山書店, Taipei
  9. 渡口书店, Shanghai
  10. 新手書店, Taichung
  11. Motto Books, Berlin