Mostly eats
  1. Torchys Tacos
  2. La Barbecue
    Esther said the brisket was only ok.
  3. Franklins Barbecue
    Yes we waited in line for four hours. Worth it tho for the brisket. Don't bother with sides or other meats. Focus focus.
  4. Valentina's Tex-Mex
    More brisket, and like most good food in America, found in a mini-mall in the burbs.
  5. Veracruz All Natural
    Went twice for the breakfast tacos.
  6. Kyoten
    Normally avoid sushi out of a trailer, but this was good.
  7. White Horse
  8. The Continental Club
  9. Las Cazuelas Mexican
    Ungentrified Mexican/Tex-Mex in East Austin
  10. Cheer Up Charlie's
  11. Mt. Bonnell
    Nice view of where rich people live along the Colorado River.
  12. East Side King
  13. Oilcan Harry's
    Obligatory homo bar
  14. Radio Coffee & Beer