I had the best birthday parties thanks to my creative mom. My Brothers were equally fun and creative
  1. Farm theme
    Specifically old mc Donald. I was very young and my memories come from home videos but it looked like a lot of fun. It was at the neighboring park and there were various farm animal masks that we could wear. My uncle and dad pulled us in wagons that had fake? Hay in them and that was the hayrides. Lots of kid music playing and then there were cupcakes that we got to decorate. There was shredded coconut dyed green to represent grass and I remember loving the taste and texture.
  2. Circus theme
    Everyone got to dress up as a different character from the circus. Ex: animals, trapeze, clown, tightrope walker etc. I wore a polka dot jumper that I loved. My mom dressed up as a clown and performed a whole show with magic tricks. We got our faces painted and I remember randomly that there was fruit salad.
  3. Little mermaid
    The little mermaid was huge and I believe this was my fourth bday party. People came in their bathing suits and we set up two plastic pools and my dad put our slide into one of them. I wore a Hawaiian flower crown and we played limbo and hot potato. We wore hula skirts too I believe. I had a beautiful little mermaid cake.
  4. Pocahontas
    I can't remember much about this one except that I wore a Pocahontas costume and I think we made some craft involving streamers
  5. Cinderella
    This was an infamous party. Basically you arrived as poor Cinderella in like old clothes and with each game you had to do some sort of chore where you earned something to take to the ball. Then at night we all changed into princess dresses (mine was custom made) and then we had a ball. Our patio had lights strung everywhere and my dad came out dressed as a king to dance with me. Everyone laughed when they saw him and I got really upset because I thought they were laughing at me.
  6. 60s
    Flower power, bubbles, and peace signs. Don't remember everything but the decorations were cool
  7. Beanie baby party
    Everyone brought their favorite beanie baby to the party and we made sleeping bags for them (it was a sleepover). They each won a different award. I believe games were played like how well do you know the birthday girl? Etc
  8. Fifties party
    We all wore poodle skirts or pedal pushers and went bowling. I remember there were chocolate cupcakes and I think we also went to a 50s style diner.