1. Never ever sunflowers
  2. The open end of the pillowcase faces out
  3. Blue grey is for industrial spaces. Brown grey is for Living spaces. Avoid green and red grey.
  4. All couches need arms, otherwise it looks like airport seating
  5. Grey in general is very unimaginative
  6. Never a printed rug
    Pinterest is not real life.
  7. A glass coffee table only works in large open rooms
  8. Never pay for expensive paint, just color match it
  9. Stick to natural fibers
    Goes for everything really
  10. No curtains ever!
    Windows are for LIGHT. If the sun is up, you should be too.
  11. Never ever Red
  12. Matte finishes are not realistic
    I'm not just talking about paint either
  13. Change your hardware, change your life!
    Cheap makeover = mega impact
  14. Colored lampshades are for dorm rooms, go bright white.
  15. Avoid dark wood, it's so oppressive
    This includes moldings, cabinets, flooring and especially large furniture