1. Dashwood - NYC
    #1 most inspiring and stimulating bookstore I've ever been to...and also tiny. Important because they will always have something you've never seen before. Lots of Japanese stuff, but also the classics.
  2. Arcana - Culver City
    Not specifically photography, but all art books. Great for monographs and less popular arts (or lesser published like car design). My favorite in LA, but not saying much.
  3. Kinokuniya - NYC
    A great treat if you find yourself in Bryant Park with time to kill.
  4. Spoonbill and Sugartown - Brooklyn
    Better for the other arts, and also reading...but still one of my favorites.
  5. Mast Books - NYC
    I always forget about Mast, a great neighborhood spot. Good for special editions and design specific books.
  6. Idea Books - NYC and LONDON
    They have a very small selection in the Dover Street Markets of both NYC and LA, but their web store is 🙌🙌🙌. Only thing remotely comparable to Dashwood, in my opinion.
  7. Family - Los Angeles
    Super cool that it exists, although not my cup of tea. Lots of young, self published, gritty, cool street photographers.
  8. Hennesy and Ingalls
    2 locations in LA. Feels like Barnes and Noble...not into it.
  9. BookMarc - LA and NYC and Japan
    Marc Jacobs book store - almost forgot, but one of my favs! They have an expertly curated selection of new and used photography, fiction, non fiction, cookbooks and also DVDs. If you need a gift for someone creative, anything here is good. The buyer does and incredible job with the used photography section... Often discover something new.