Published straight from draft status
  1. Pullup(s)
    Even just one, it's my everest
  2. Work with Craig McDean
    This list is really long, but Craig is a good/realistic goal
  3. Raise and process my own chickens
    Process = slaughter and butcher
  4. Be the perfect in-law
    I'm not married, but when I gonna be the fun, the support and the peace!
  5. Keep just one secret
    At the moment I don't have a single secret that only I know
  6. Eat more leafy greens
    100% believe this is the key to living forever, but still always want a sandwich
  7. Dress up for the airport
  8. Be debt free
    All these creative dreams don't come cheap
  9. Raise kids that don't watch TV
    Yeah right!
  10. Drive a Jeep Wagoneer with wood paneling
  11. Learn Japanese
  12. Have friends that stop by for dinner
  13. Be the cool aunt
  14. Learn to prepare seafood on a whim
    I'm from Oklahoma
  15. Properly dispose of batteries and paint