I've loved my sister-in-law from the beginning
  1. Hot Feet
    Shared pet peeve, always text her "my feet are so hot"
  2. Charlize Theron
    My brother was home from college, and we were in the kitchen, and he told me his new girlfriend looked like Charlize Theron. Way to go Jim!
  3. Half Tops
    I swear she was wearing a half top the night I met her, but we were both very drunk so I can't be sure. (I snuck out to go to a college party and crashed at my brothers. This also bonded us bc I met her before the official meet the family dinner).
  4. Chocolate
    She will eat chocolate chips for dinner
  5. Peach Schnapps
    She came from a very religious family. Her mom kept a bottle of this under her bed, and took one swig a year on New Years before bed.
  6. Pianos
    Where we used to make my brother sit in the corner with our purses while we DANCED. (NO ONE else can get me to dance).
  7. Michelle Williams
    Her style/beauty icon, always sending me pics of her amazing hair.
  8. Eugene Tong
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    We've both recently decided to become minimalists. Eug, is our style icon. Often sharing screen shots from insta of key looks. (Bad crop is on purpose, shorts over pants! His signature is layering).
  9. Automatic Slims
    Where we danced on the bar at her bachelorette
  10. Beasts of Burden
    We are a Rolling Stones family. This is the only song she really likes.
  11. Matches after 💩
    My mom lived in a small house, and she was scared we would know she had just pooped. She lit an entire book of matches to cover the smell. The sulfur was worse than any shit, and lingered for hours. We teased her incessantly, and that trick always makes me laugh.
  12. 🎁🎁🎁🎁
    She loves unwrapping gifts, and wants others to have this small joy. She once gave me a jar of Chapstick wrapped with a bow, just so I could unwrap it.